The objects for which the Compoany is established are as follows:

1. To help upgrade ceramics industry, in particular the Sanitaryware sector and other ceramic sectors in general by providing access to contemporary machinery, engineering technology and production and manufacturing support in the form of a common facility Centre, for improving product or parts productivity, quality and enhancing skills of engineers and designers by equipping the Centre with latest machinery and equipment technology including Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing and Computer Aided Engineering.

2. To provide training, guidance, facilities and services to the engineers and designers of local engineering and vendor industry for improving Design, Productivity and Product Quality through hands-on experience.

3. To offer courses in the disciplines of demonstration of hardware and software techniques in Ceramics Production, Quality Control, Computer Aided Engineering Courses for Ceramics Design Analysis, courses on Sanitaryware Design using Advanced Techniques, on Computer Aided Design and Machining and Operation, Application of Engineering Resource Planning and Product Data Management.