Who will give me information if my application has been accepted for balloting?
Participating Banks will contact successful applicants. List of successful applicants will also be uploaded on the website of the Prime Minister’s Office (www.pmo.gov.pk) for your convenience.
How will the government ensure transparency of the Loan Scheme?
The Prime Minister has created a number of monitoring mechanisms to ensure that the programme is run with complete integrity and transparency. A special monitoring cell has been established in the Prime Minister’s office to oversee these issues.
If I have a complaint, who should I approach for redressal?
Applicants can contact the Prime Minister’s Office on toll free number (0800-77000). Prime Minister and Chairperson Prime Minister’s Youth Development Program will personally monitor complaints.
How will favoritism or corruption in this Scheme be stopped?
There are very strict instructions for selection on merit and very strict monitoring arrangements have been put in place. The activities will be monitored by the Prime Minister’s Office, and by the Office of Chairperson Youth Program.